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I'm Charlotte Evans, infant sleep consultant and founder of The Good Snooze Company. I live in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with my husband, two adorable boys and two fluffy bunnies.

I am pretty much obsessed with sleep, and am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with other parents just like you, to help you get the good snooze your family deserves.

I made my career in a corporate environment, but the arrival of my eldest son sparked a new interest in all things 'baby sleep'. As he was born during lockdown, it gave me the plenty of time to research, practice and perfect his sleep, and he has been a champion sleeper ever since. My husband joked that I should do this for a living, and that stuck with me! The arrival of my second son meant that I had to think a little differently - I had a busy life with two under two and working part time in my corporate role, so I had to use my knowledge and skills in a different way to support him with sleep. 

I certified as an Infant Sleep Practitioner during my maternity leave, from which I'm proud to say I achieved a distinction. Since then I have enjoyed working with families to resolve their little one's sleep issues, whether they are little blips that they want to nip in the bud, or longer term issues that are affecting their family mood, mental health and ability to function. 

I'm looking forward to working with you and your family, to get the good snooze you need and get your lives back!

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Charlotte Evans sleep consultant
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